School Cancelled - Tuesday Jan. 27

Based on the forecast and a request from the Emergency Measures Office (EMO) to advise citizens as early as possible of school cancellations all HRSB schools and offices will be closed on Tuesday, January 27.

Exams are moved forward by one day. The assessment day will be moved to Monday (no school for students) and semester 2 will begin on Tuesday, February 3rd. These updates have been made to the exam scheduled listed below.

Exam Schedule 2014/2015 - Semester 1 (Updated)

Monday, January 26
9:30-12:30 Eng 10 (NSE)
Math 12
9:30-11:30 Eng 11
Eng 11 ADV
ECM 11
ECM 12
1:15-3:15 French Immersion 10
French Immersion 11
French Immersion 12
Eng 12
Tuesday, January 27
School Cancelled No exams today.
Wednesday, January 28
9:30-12:30 Math 10 Work (NSE)
9:30-11:30 Math 10 Ess
Math 11
Math 11 Ess
Math 11 Work
Math 12 Found
Law 12
1:15-3:15 Biologie 11 Immersion
Biologie 12 Immersion
Biology 11
Biology 12
Physics 11
Physics 12
Thursday, January 29
9:30-11:30 Science 10
Chemistry 11
Chemistry 12
Sciences 10 IMM
Oceans 11
Human Bio 11
1:15-3:15 Mikmaw 10
African CDN St 11
CDN History 11
Global Geo 12
Global Hist 12
Histoire du Canada 11
Geographie Plan 12
Friday, January 30
9:30-11:30 Droit 12
Sociology 12
1:15-3:15 All Conflicts
Monday, February 2
Assessment Day - No School for students
Tuesday, February 3
First day of second semester

Exam Directions

Snow Day:

In the event of a snow day(s), the entire schedule will just be pushed forward by that number of days. The exam schedule encompasses 4 days of exams and 1 assessment day at the end.

Exam Exemptions:

Exemption forms will be handed out on Thursday, January 22nd during P1(A) which is your homeroom period. All students will have until the end of day on Friday, January 23rd to request their exam exemption. They must have their exam exemption sheet signed by the teacher they are requesting an exemption from. These completed forms will then be submitted to Student Services. Teachers must keep track of each student that they are awarding an exemption to. Administration will review all attendance again on January 23rd to confirm eligibility.

Exam Conflicts:

In the event of an exam conflict: students will take an exam conflict sheet have it signed by their teacher and return it to Student Services. Teachers are to keep track of all student conflicts they approve. All of these conflicts will be written in your homeroom class from 1:15-3:15pm on Thursday, January 29th.

All conflicts are to be written during the regular scheduled conflict time period. In the event that a student has more than 1 conflict, they will arrange a time during the exam schedule where they may write the exam.

Time Limits:

Students must stay for a minimum of 1 hour for a 2 hour exam, and must stay a minimum of 2 hours for a 3 hour provincial exam. Once leaving the exam area, the student must immediately leave the building or report to the library or the cafeteria.

Upcoming Events

Wed Jan 28 @12:00AM
Senior High Exams
Thu Jan 29 @12:00AM
Senior High Exams
Mon Feb 02 @12:00AM
Assessment & Evaluation Day (no classes)
Tue Feb 03 @12:00AM
Semester 2 Begins
Fri Feb 13 @12:00AM
PD Day (no classes)
Mon Feb 16 @12:00AM
Viola Desmond Day (no classes)



Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Lutes family scholarship
The Lutes family scholarship applications are now available in Student Services. The recipient of this awards will have demonstrated high academic achievement and financial need. Application deadline is April 1st

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