Update (July 7, 2017): The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has halted the school review process. Click here to read the official statement from the Department.

The Auburn Drive – Cole Harbour District High Family of Schools SOC has submitted its final report and recommendations. It can be viewed or downloaded below for your information.

In terms of next steps, the SOC will present its report and recommendations to the Governing Board in a public meeting on Wednesday, July 12. The meeting will take place at 33 Spectacle Lake Drive starting at 6:00pm.

A Staff Technical Report will also be provided to the Governing Board at this meeting. The Staff Technical Report will be posted on the HRSB website at least three days prior to the public meeting.

No decisions will be made at this meeting. The Governing Board will consider the recommendations and it is anticipated they will be making decisions related to the school review at a public meeting on Wednesday, August 30.

The timelines for when these meetings must occur following receipt of the SOC Report are prescribed in the provincial School Review Policy.